How to use the pull

How to use the pull

The usage of the pull is to strengthen a part of the full lift. The pull should look like the full lift. Since in weightlifting we do not compete in snatch or high pulls. A lot of people tend to overload the pull and end up with a technique that has little or no transfer to the full lift. People tend to think that if one can pull 50-100% more the full lift will improve. In reality this is not the case. The overloading for pulls should only, and I repeated only been seen as a way of building strength in positions. One should use the overloaded pull for this solid purpose. Since like mentioned the technique on these loads will not at all mimic the technique of the full lifts.

As a general rule, 5% over your best snatch or clean will make the movement totally different! If you can pull 2-3 reps of this load to the correct height, you should focus on snatching and cleaning those weights instead!

All supplemental and auxiliary exercises should be performed in exactly the same way as that portion of the lift as it is done in the snatch or the clean and jerk. This is a major reason why people then to think that there pulls do not transfer to the full lifts. They do not perform them the same way.

As a rule of thumb. The pulls should be performed after the full lifts for sets of 2-3 with maximum 90% of ones clean or snatch best.
So the next time you pull think for a second why you do it. To improve the full lifts, to strengthen a position for the pull or just to pull stuff up high with no transfer to the full lifts.
Picture shows Rolf Milser (left) and Odo Nimmerfroh (right) doing “high stick pulls”. Can you guess which of these to lifters that has most transfer to the full lifts?
/Daniel Engman, Södra.

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